Quickrewards Network Reviews – Another SCAM Site or Legitimate Website?


Is Quick Rewards Legit or Another Scam Site?

There is no greater joy than the feeling of being paid by legitimate websites for doing those minor tasks we enjoy doing everyday online such as playing games, shopping, surfing the internet and lots more. However, some of the existing scam websites don’t fulfill this simple obligation of paying their members for their hard work and they have purposely ended up rendering their members’ effort useless. Most panelists have fallen victim to these scam websites which have made them gave up on other potential legitimate online opportunities. Probably, you have heard about Quickrewards and you’re here today because you are somewhat skeptical about joining this survey website. For this reason, I have taken some time to write this concise review about this website, pointing out all you need to know about its operation before joining. But before I proceed, I would like to tell you quickly that quickresearch is 100% legit and it pays its members. So let us get into details.


Quickrewards is one of the popular, reputable and legitimate GTP (get paid to) sites online. This free loyalty program has been around since 2002. It is based in New York, United States and Owned by a popular notable figure, Dimitry Beker. Although they only accept members from the US, Canada, and United Kingdom, they also have other another great survey website, opinionrouter.com where members from other countries outside the ones mentioned above are redirected to participate on the available online surveys. Quickrewards offers massive earning opportunities on their website which include: taking surveys, shopping, completing offers, playing games and lots more. Unlike other sites in this category, quick rewards credits offer completed by members instantly or at most within 24 hours. They are also remarkably noted for timely and quick payment. Minimum payout on this website is set at a ridiculously low amount of $0.01 which you can cash in your PayPal within 72 hours.

Quickrewards BBB (better business bureau’s) Rating

As mentioned earlier, quickrewards has built itself quite a noteworthy reputation since its inception in 2002. Their mode of operation; timely payment, wonderful customer service support, reduced customer complaints among others have earned them an awesome BBB rating of A+. Actually, not many online business opportunities, especially in surveys and other GPT, can maintain this rating over a long period of time just like this site. This shows that this company is legit, serious with their business and has a good relationship with their members. It is amazing however that only one complaint has been registered with BBB against QR which has been resolved three years ago.

Ways To Earn Money On Quickrewards

There are vast and effortless opportunities offered on this site which includes: taking surveys, shopping online, referring friends, reading emails, watching videos, playing games and much more. Aside, QR always comes up with new ideas on how to make extra money using their website on regular basis.


This is probably one of the best options to make money on quickrewards. You will earn either cash or tokens after successful completion of the surveys. Sometimes surveys can take longer time to complete and you will get paid anywhere from $1 to $15 depending on the time of the survey. There are also limit-time surveys which can be very difficult to qualify for especially when the desired limit has been met. One major thing I hate about quickrewards is the fact that sometimes, qualifying for a survey can be quite difficult. Although this is a common issue with every other survey sites and here on QR, you might even spend over an hour getting screened out from some pre-surveys before you can qualify for one.


This is another great way of making money on quickreward. Here you can simply earn up to 25% cashback at over 1000 brand name stores and even receive exclusive coupon discounts.


Earning through reading and clicking links in emails is one of the common earning methods adopted by most online reward programs. On quick rewards, members are paid to read emails sent. In addition, members are equally rewarded when they participate in the offers embedded in the emails


Members are rewarded with points when they use the QR search engine for their searches instead of Google.


Members of this site are also offered the opportunity to make money while surfing some sponsored websites on quickrewards. You will be rewarded 10 points for visiting each website –Elite membership.


Another great and fun way to make money on this website is by watching videos. There are a whole lot of videos on this website ranging from promotional reviews to movie previews. You will get paid anywhere from $0.05 to $6 depending on the length of the video.


Another easy way to make money online is by referral program. Members earn 10 points for bringing in their friends to join quickrewards.


Playing games and answering trivia is another way to earn points on QR. You can earn anywhere from 10 to 50 points per game or trivia depending on how difficult it is.
Other ways to make money on QR include; printing grocery coupons, completing tasks and buying gift cards at a reduced price.

What Other Members Of Quick Rewards Are Saying  

I often advise my readers that whenever they are in doubt about the legitimacy of any website that the safest step to take is to visit a forum or other community where real members of the questionable website gather to air their views about the website. There are so many forums out there where discussions about legitimate and scam survey websites are exposed. They include sitejabber.com, surveypolice.com, consumeraffairs.com and much more. Therefore ensure you don’t get deceived by what other people are putting up online. For this review, I’ve extracted some recent reviews of Quickrewards on sitejabber.com. Below are the reviews of some members of quick rewards from around the world, please go through them and see what the existing members of this website are saying.

Only survey site you need!” by Susan W. – 2/15/17
Easy to earn rewards. Customer service is fabulous and responds quickly. You do have to weed through ALOT of surveys to qualify and some don’t credit until Monday, so it’s hard to keep up with the amount. Great variety of reward options. Highly recommend!

“Best. Reward. Site. Ever!” by Norma B. – 2/15/17
There are many rewards sites on the internet, but QuickRewards is the best! Many of the comments I’ve read are about surveys, but QR has a wide variety of earning opportunities including daily clicks, videos, and contests. You can earn $ printing coupons, shopping thru their links, and even for listening to the radio! Cashouts are extremely fast, and the customer service top notch.

“Wonderful Program!” by Ann P. – 2/15/17
I’ve been a member of Quick Rewards since their beginning. I truly dont think you’ll find a more honest and supportive group. Is it an ‘easy get rich thing’? absolutely not. .HOWEVER, I shop a lot online and by doing so through QR I quickly get rebates making the shopping trip a bit ‘cheaper for me. There are plenty of click-throughs, surveys and signups. .which add to my account as well. And anytime there’s a question, missed credit or whatever, support gets back immediately and without question makes it ‘right’ . .Thanks Dmitry & Gang!

“QuickRewards: my #1″paid to” site” by Rhonda G.- 2/15/17
QUICK REWARDS is MY FAVORITE “paid to” site! I’m the first to admit my impatience when doing tasks, THATS WHY QR IS MY FAV, THERE IS ALOT OF STUFF TO DO AND I GET PAID USUALLY WITHIN A DAY OR A FEW HRS(not all credit same day) seriously I do alot of these sites and THEY ARE GREAT @ QR… No MINIMUM cashout to PayPalVIDEOS TO WATCH…LOTS TO DO.. that’s just part of the stuff…I can cash in a few bucks with ease here just by checking my e-mail and clicking a few offers sent to me(free)…

It’s not get rich quick money, but IT IS MONEYTHANKS QR

“Fantastic Customer Support!!!” by Callie L. – 2/4/17
I Love, Love, Love Quick Rewards!!!!

They have the best Customer Service that I think I have EVER seen, They address your questions quickly, They are gracious, and very knowledgeable!!I I’ve been a survey taker with Quick Rewards for quite a long time now, and this is the first time I have ever needed their Customer Service Assistance. I’m feeling the effects of a great experience with them,In fact I’m still smiling. Thank You Quick Rewards! It has actually kind of restored my faith in mankind (or womankind in my case) to find such wonderful Customer Service Agents, JOB WELL DONE! I Highly recommend them, If your struggling with something about the Company that you don’t understand and need help with, please, please call them. This Company Rocks!

Quickrewards Reward System and Minimum cashout

QR rewards members using cash, points and token. However, these rewards are dependent on the type of task you perform on this site. The cash, points, and tokens you earned on this site can later be exchanged for gift cards or be sent to your PayPal account.
A) Cash: You get cash when you participate and complete some tasks like surveys, trial offers, online shopping, signups, etc.
B) Quick points: next is quick points; a reward system used by QR to reward members for successfully completing a task. Quick points are obtained by completing tasks such as trivia, games, and visiting websites. Usually, the accumulated points can later be exchanged for cash.
C) Token: this comes from an additional bonus which you earn after completing some tasks available on quickrewards. Although, you can’t directly exchange this for cash, however, you can get them exchanged for a nice gift.

Minimum Cashout

Quickrewards is one of those loyalty programs that reward members with both cash and gift cards. Amazingly,quickrewards has a pretty small minimum cashout of $0.01 which are processed within 24 hours and sent to members PayPal account. Also, you can request a gift card when you have a minimum of $5. Quickreward is really an epitome of their name when it comes to fast payment.

The Pros and Cons of Quickrewards


1)Quickrewards is 100% legit and free to join.
2)Unlike other sites with a high minimum payout, quickrewards maintains $0.01 minimum amount for payout which is processed within 24 hours in most cases.
3)They have a series of earning opportunities for their members
4)This site has a BBB rating of A+
5)They also have a wonderful and dedicated customer support service.


1)You cannot make it your primary source of income
2)This site is only opened for just USA, Canada, and United Kingdom. Though they have opinion router for other countries but the only earning opportunity available for its members here is in opinionrouter is taking a survey.


Quickrewards is an exceptional reward site that has remarkably an outstanding reputation. It is 100% legit, free to join and has tremendous earning opportunities for one who is looking for legitimate online earning opportunity.
Nevertheless, earning from quickrewards as well as other survey sites are not the perfect choice for one looking for a primary and sustainable way to make real money online.
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