Top 35 free product testing websites at home in 2019

Best product testing websites in usa

Looking for free product testing websites at home? Do you want to save some extra cash? Does testing free products at home appeals to you?

Are you looking for genuine product testing companies or websites in USA and other part of the world? Then, you have to read on.


What Is Product Testing And How Does It Works?

Product testing, which is also called consumer testing is the process of assessing the performance or features of a product.

In product testing, the tester or researcher evaluates a product’s benefit, performance, value, safety and conformity with existing standards, and then report his findings to the product owner or company.

A lot of companies want their new products to perform extremely well in the market once released, and one way they can achieve this is to send these products to testers who will test these products and share their experiences about the products. free product testing website at home

The companies in return based on your reviews will carry out some modifications if need be before the product is finally released to the consumers. This to a great extent will save them time and money.
Honesty is the major component these websites want from their members. They want to improve their products and the only way they can achieve this is through your honest opinions.
Also, during the sign up process with some of these websites, you will answer a survey to provide information about your interests, preferences and concerns.
Be sure to give them a thorough and honest answer as this will enable them provide you with opportunities that best suit your interests and habits.
As a product tester, you have the opportunity to test and review newly made products before they are finally released to the market. You will receive a product and your job is to write a review about your experience with the new product.

Some of these free product testing websites at home may choose to reward you with cash but majority of them will give you the product to keep.


Below Are The 50 Best Free Product Testing Websites At Home

1. BzzAgent
Are you interested in testing new household items? Then you absolutely should try Bzzagent. Bzzagent comprise of community of over a million members from USA, Uk, Canada and Brazil.

As a member you will
participate in what is called “bzz”, this is simply sharing your opinion about the product sent to you by Bzzagent to your friends both online and offline.
Bzzagent rewards you with a “BzzScore” which quantifies your participations and activities over the last 365 days.
Points can later be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards to department stores, restaurants and many more.


2. Crowdtap
Crowdtap partners with top brands like ebay, Ricola, Aveeno, Neutrogena, Listerine, Folgers, Truvia and many more to offer members amazing opportunities to test their product and in exchange provide honest opinions about the tested products.
Crowdtap rewards its members with gift cards, product samples and other rewards.


3. PINCHme
PINCHme gives you the opportunity to find out exciting new products and test them for free.
All you have to do is choose a product from one of the leading brands; the product are then sent straight to your home or workplace for free.

Once you’ve received, tried, and tested the new products, answer a quick survey about the product you tried and share your experience with friends.

Website rewards member with amazing household/ grocery items.

4. Influenster
Influenster is made up of over 2 million social shoppers that test latest products for free based on social media influence and afterwards share their honest opinions with the community and brands.
Here, if you meet the website qualifications based on your preferences and lifestyle as specified in your profile, you will receive a box (VoxBox) full of samples for you to try in exchange for your opinions
Nike is a popular brand that specializes on sports wears.

They are ever looking for testers who are willing to help them
attain the highest quality product by giving an honest opinion about their products.


6. McCormick
Did you know you can generate some extra cash using your “taste buds”?

McCormick is a USA product testing company that offers a range of foods, snacks and beverages to test.
Selection of testers is based on members who meet the demographic requirements for the product being tested. Qualified members are paid in cash.


7. New Balance
Interested in testing new shoes? Register today and be part of New Balance tester community.
If selected, you will be mailed the free shoe for testing.With your opinion, New Balance will continue to develop and improve the performance, quality and fit of their products.You will keep the product as a reward.
8. Johnson & Johnson friends & Neighbors
A product testing company based in USA and
exclusively for residents of the united states.Here, invitations are sent to members to participate in product testing, focus groups, discussion forums and on-line surveys.This opportunity is also open for teens under 18, but must obtain parental consent. Members are compensated with prepaid visa cards and other incentives.


9. Smiley360
is made up of online community of consumers who try products for free and share their views with friends and other members.When you join this product testing site, you get offers from the top brands and in return, you will share your experiences with those brands, as well as other consumers like you, your friends, family, and neighbors.


10. L’Oreal USA
L’Oreal is a popular brand that deals on cosmetics, skincare, hair care and/or hair color products.
They accept members from 18 years old and above who are interested in using, evaluating and giving an honest review about their products.L’Oreal conducts their studies through online surveys or by mailing their sample products to consumers’ home for testing and evaluation.As rewards, members get beauty/personal care products.
11. Adidas
Adidas allows you to test their product once you meet their basic requirements.

An e-mail invitation will be sent to you to participate. If you decide to participate, the test product will be mailed to you with instructions.

12. Minute Rice
Minute Rice offers you the opportunity to be part of their Recipe Club, where you can
participate in product testing, on-line surveys and check “in-home product placement”.As a reward you will receive free samples and products to test, special discounts and coupons.
13. Mead4Teachers
This program is basically for teachers. Mead4Teachers is an opportunity for you to receive free Mead products to use in your classroom in exchange for your honest opinion.


14. Vindale Research
Vindale is a survey website as well as great product testing site. You will get sign-up bonus of $2 for joining this site.
They have “Evaluation survey” where you are given the opportunity to partake in any available trial offers within a specific period of time and then give your honest review about the product or services at the end of the testing period.They reward members decently for taking part in their product testing. You can read the full review here.


15. Brooks Product Testing Program
To enhance and improve the quality, design, fit and function of their future products, this popular brand will send you gear to use on your race days and morning jogs in exchange for your honest feedback
.To participate, you must be at least 18 years old and live in the United States.


16. Marie Claire’s Velvet Rope Club
This product testing website in USA is
exclusively set aside for women who wish to express their valuable opinion.Here, you will have access to some awesome products like handbags, lipstick, mascara and lot more.Also, Velvet Rope Club members are also given the opportunity to participate in their sweepstakes entries, special offers, and events.


17. Glam spotters
Join this amazing website for the great opportunity to test free beauty products and share your opinion on fashion, relationships, career, entertainment, beauty and lot more
.Members are also given the opportunity to enjoy insider access to events and offers.


18. Homeschool
This is an exceptional testing program exclusive for homeschoolers.
Here, testers are selected randomly based on age of children, geography, grade level etc.Kids are given opportunity to test educational companies’ products and give their feedback in return.


19. Reebok Product Testing
If you are a dedicated athlete who wish to be part of Reebok product development process and wish to get a rare glimpse of the latest cutting-edge of Reebok technology and design, then you absolutely need to apply for their product testing program.To participate, you must be at least 18 years old. Members who successfully complete their test are rewarded with a free Reebok product.


20. Swaggable
Swaggable offers variety of free product samples ranging from beverages, foods, snacks, pet supplies, beauty products and much more
.To participate in their product testing program, you have to browse and pick any of their products that interest you by clicking the “Want it” button.Afterwards you will be accepted or rejected depending on if you meet their requirements.


21. Nintendo
This is specially for game lovers. As you know, playing video games for a living can be great fun!

As a product tester at Nintendo, you could have the opportunity to test development software, identify programming issues, evaluate product for content guidelines, and document quality-assurance checks.

22. Clicks Research
Clicks research allows you to test and keep free stuffs.

You will be testing unique and cutting edge products in all  product categories, including; Cosmetics & Toiletries, Household, Skincare, Clothing, Food & Drink, Pet Products & many more.

Their process is simple; firstly, Products are delivered directly to your home. Secondly, Test the products following the instructions and Lastly, Complete the survey and keep the products!

23. Vogue Insider
You can receive full-size beauty product by joining Vogue Insider. Once you join the team, you’ll have access to test the latest beauty products and trends.You may need to take short surveys or join panels in order to qualify, but you don’t have to review afterwards.
24. Mom Select
MomSelect is a testing website that allows mom influencers to select the brand campaigns that meet their professional goals and their personal relevance.This website helps connect moms with different brands.
25. Puma Product Testing
Puma has a shoe testing program just like the other major brand listed above.To participate, you have to download the free Pumatrac App in the Apple Appstore or in the GooglePlay Store.Within Pumatrac App you will find the “Tester Program” where you will have to fill in the form.Normally 20 applicants of the Tester Program will be selected to participate in the PUMA Fit Intelligence Beta Testing Program and each will receive one pair of PUMA Fit Intelligence shoes for testing purposes.After the end of the Testing Period, they will submit their testing results and feedback via an online survey tool and other means such as a video or photo log.

26. Toluna
Toluna is one of the product testing websites that offer high pay. Here you will be given the opportunity to select and register the product you want to test.

Selections of testers are made at random. If successfully selected, you get to keep the product while you send your opinion in return.

Payment are made through PayPal, bank transfer, Paper Vouchers and Electronic Vouchers.

27. She Speaks
SheSpeaks offer members the opportunity to voice their opinions on everything from how they live their lives to what products they choose and why.

Members can test and review products, weigh-in on topics via surveys, discussion forums & polls, attend VIP events & even get to star in the SheSpeaksTV videos!

28. Moms Meet
Registration is free and as a qualified member, you will receive healthier, natural, organic and eco products directly to your home to try with family, friends or on your blog/website in exchange for your honest reviews.

29. Snuggle Bear Den
For Snuggle product lovers or those who would love to try their product.

Snuggle offers you the opportunity to be the first to try and discover new products, content and offers from Snuggle.

Share your thoughts with friends to earn points, badges and more!

30. Vocal Point
Join Vocal Point to share your thoughts through surveys. Also you can try exclusive products & offers, and provide your honest feedback about your experience.

31. Red Wing Product Testers
Red Wing Shoe Company allows product testers to test their product by wearing their boots in the toughest, dirtiest and hardest-working situations, and then report back to them with information about how the boots held up.

Product testers will be testing development samples that Red Wing Shoe Company has not released yet. The job of a product tester is to treat these development samples like they would any other pair of work boots.

If you do a great job, you will be compensated for your efforts and in most cases, you will be given the opportunity to keep the boots.

32. Microsoft
Microsoft product testing allows users to test their products and technologies which are used across the globe by nearly every demographic.

You really don’t need any qualification to become a Microsoft tester. Irrespective of your age or experience level with computers, you can provide your feedback on their products.

However, if you’re under 17 you’ll have to have a parent or guardian’s permission.

33. ACOP
American consumer opinion panel gives you the opportunity to evaluate new products and as well as optimize existing products and packaging designs.

Your opinion will help companies determine which products are worthy of placement in the stores you shop in every day. Rewards are sent via PayPal or donated to charity. You can read my full review about American consumer opinion panel here.

34. Pink Panel
If you are interested in getting free beauty products, hair straighteners, facial cleansing and other skincare products; then you definitely need to sign up with this site.

Pink panel is one of the best and popular product testing websites, they compensate members not only with their free product but also with up to $100 in gift certificates and other beauty products.

35. Global test market
This is one of the world’s leading providers of market research. Here, your opinions are used by companies to design and improve their products and services.

As a reward, you earn points which are later redeemed for gift cards or for cash onto your PayPal accounts.


Is Product Testing USA Legit?
Recently, a lot of scam websites are emerging, claiming to be one of the genuine free product testing websites at home. Apparently, these sites end up taking your personal details and selling them off to third parties.

A common one out there is product testing USA, or Product testing UK. This website during registration (unlike other genuine websites which I will mention later in this article) will tend to collect most of your personal details which include your address and phone number.

They will call you to pitch other businesses or even flood your inbox with spammy messages. Please be careful with sites like this. If you are already a victim of this website, you can try to opt out of their email list or stop their annoying calls using


Best Tips on Getting Picked for Product Testing

Here are some few tips on how to get picked to be a product tester for the above listed websites.

  • Ensure you fill out your application and profile with accurate details. Be honest.
  • Provide an active email and ensure you check it regularly for the “email invite” from any of these companies to test a product. If possible have your email notification on.
  • You can always contact the product testing company if you have any questions regarding your application.
  • Ensure you test the products following the company’s instructions.
  • Please kindly provide an honest and detailed review since that will help the company improve their products. If you can’t put it in writing you can make a video review about the product.
  • If possible, follow these companies on social media. That way you will be updated on any recent product testing available.
  • If you are chosen to test a product, follow the testing instructions and provide your honest feedback on time.
Working with the above free product testing websites at home is a great way of saving money and getting free products
. However, you must be honest when providing your reviews/opinions.

Testing product is not
just about getting free products or other compensation; since these companies need your opinion to shape and improve their existing or new product, feel free to give them an honest review and tell them where you think their products need improvements.

Don’t have the mindset that you will get blacklisted or screened out if you say something negative about their product… of course not
! Your honest review will go a long way in helping them improve their product so as to attain the highest quality they have ever wanted and will even open a new opportunity for you to try other different products.
I’m glad you made it to this point. Please feel free to share your experience with any of these companies or others not mentioned in this article in the comment box below.

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