Acop – American consumer panels full review

Is Acop (American Consumer Opinion Panel) Legit or Another Scam?

A lot of people are in constant search of the legitimate survey websites as not to make the costly mistake of investing their time on scam websites. And if you are one of them that wish to verify the legitimacy of Acop – American survey panel, then I will encourage you to read on and find the answer in this honest review.

ACOP-American consumer panels full review, real or scam


Survey Panel: ACOP – American consumer opinion Panel
Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Giftcards, Sweepstake entries.
Minimum Payout: $10+
Minimum Age: 14+
Accepted Countries: Worldwide
Earning Opportunity: Taking Surveys, Product Testing
Rating: 4/10
Verdict: LEGIT
Price: FREE
Business Owner: Decision Analyst, Inc.



This Acop review has all the information you need to make the right decision as to whether to join this survey website or not.  However before I proceed, I think it’s important you know that Acop is a real survey website that pays its members but has a few reasons why members still think it’s a scam website. Just read on, and uncover the hidden facts about Acop.



Acop is one the oldest, popular and top survey website where members are paid for taking surveys and testing products.
American Consumer Opinion panel was originally created, and managed in  the early 1986 as a mail survey panel by Decision Analyst, a global marketing research and analytical consulting firm headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the United States. Before; participation of Members in the survey panel was strictly based on personal invitation by telephone, and answers from members to the surveys are delivered through the mail. However, since the surveys were done by mail, membership was just limited to the United States. Originally, members just have to test and provide their honest feedback on new products. By 1995, the mail survey panel with few members grown to approximately 20,000 Members.

In recent years with the introduction of the internet, ACOP went online and grew their member base from a few thousands to over eight millions of members worldwide with majority of members coming from united state, Canada, and other countries in Asia. Members of this website are made up of children, teenagers, adults who wish to share their opinion about a product in exchange for money.


Is American Consumer Panels Accredited By BBB?

Many people depend on the BBB’s rating to determine if a website is scam or legit. BBB gives rating from A+ which is considered the highest to F (lowest). Although the better business bureau (BBB) has 13 factors a website will pass through before they accredit it as legit or scam using their rating system, however you don’t have to depend entirely on their rating. The best way to confirm if a website is worth joining is by checking out what the existing members of the website are talking about the site. I will show you later in this article how this is done. So, back to our ACOP BBB’s rating. As of the time of writing this review, ACOP, which is registered as Decision Analyst INC on BBB’s website has the rating of A- with about 198 complaints filed against them by members.



Unlike other survey sites that offer series of earning opportunity, American consumer opinion panel offers few earning opportunities for its members and of which taking survey is its major earning opportunity for members. Below is the list of ways members can make money with ACOP.


SCREENER (Short Survey):

This is a short survey that contains less than 20 questions. Questions asked here are normally related to your work area, your job responsibilities, your household usage of certain products and services etc. Answers provided by you during the screener are extremely important and as such you must be frank and honest while answering them. This short survey will help the panel fit you in a perfect demographic where suitable surveys will be given to you. As a reward for completing a screener, your account will be credited with 5 to 50 Points, depending on the time it takes to complete it.


The long surveys are set of questions that take from 10 to 50 minutes to complete. Questions asked when taking the long surveys are centered on your experiences, your opinions, the types of products you use, and much more. After a successful completion of a survey, and depending on the length of the survey, you will be rewarded with an incentive which may be points (100 to 5000 points), free product to test, a gift, check or cash. As a general rule of a thumb, always be completely honest and frank when answering these surveys.


ACOP gives you the opportunity to test out different companies’ new advertising and marketing strategies and let you offer your opinions to various companies on how effective or ineffective their new ads are.


This is another great privilege members get for joining this website. You will be given the opportunity to evaluate new products. This not only allows you to see if the products do what they are designed to do but also gives you the opportunity to influence company’s decisions about the products they make available for the public.


Getting your friends and families to join ACOP using your registration email (i.e. the email you used when registering with ACOP) is another great way of increasing your earning opportunity on American consumer opinion panel. ACOP referral program doesn’t offer a direct reward rather you will be entered into a monthly drawing to receive about 5,000 Points each time you refer a new Member, sounds great rightJ.


Have you ever heard about affiliate program before? Here is how it works…you will be rewarded with cash, gifts etc whenever you completes a desired action set by the company you are working for. The actions could be, getting sales for the company, leads, sign-ups and much more.

At American consumer opinion, affiliate reward of $1.00 will be given to you whenever you get somebody to sign-up for the ACOP using your affiliate link. To get people to sign-up, you will have to promote your affiliate link on websites, forums, social Medias etc. Countries allowed at the moment include; United states, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France. To earn your reward, ensure that people signing up from the above listed countries complete a new member survey from ACOP after they have signed up.



American consumer panel awards its members with points, cash, gifts and prizes. However, in most cases points are typically awarded upon a successful completion of a survey. A point awarded in this survey panel is equivalent to a penny.  So, for every dollar, you will need to earn its equivalent 100 points.

Once you have reached the minimum payout of $10 (1000 points), you can redeem your points either by exchanging them for cash or by donating them to the designated charity. Whichever cash out option you intend to go with, ensure you select that by logging in to your account and from your “My Account” page select the “Cash Out” option.



There are different payment method you can use in getting your earnings from American consumer panel once you have accumulated up to 1000 points. As mentioned earlier, you can decide to send your money to charity, or you can choose to be paid by cash via your paypal account or through check.

If you wish to be paid by check, ensure your mailing address is up to date otherwise your check will be sent to a wrong address.



Surveys sent to members recently on American consumer opinion panel are centered on the following topics below;

  • Evaluation of new advertising for a retailer.
  • About how and why they purchase and the use of gifts cards.
  • Their opinions about the current economy.
  • Their thoughts about tanning products and how often tanning products are used.
  • To review an idea for a new fuel additive product for an automotive company.
  • To taste test a new snack food for a food manufacturer.
  • How happy they were with customer service from their local utility.



1. Confirmation Email Not Received:

The confirmation email is the email sent to you automatically after your registration. This is a security measure taken by the company to verify that you are the owner of the email. However sometimes, due to high web traffic, these emails get lost.

If you have registered but have not received the confirmation email, please log in to your “My Account” page and use the “Click Here link” to request that an additional email be sent to your email address. This won’t take much of your time. After that, ensure you check your email box again for the confirmation email. If you still don’t get an email from American Consumer Opinion, please check out your spam or junk email box.

2. Survey Points Not Confirmed:

This is another common problem members experience on ACOP, oftentimes survey Points can appear as Pending for as long as up to 6-8 weeks once they are posted to your member account. ACOP claims this occurs for two reasons: it could be that the survey has not yet closed and finalized, or probably your accrued Points are being processed for final approval.

3. Survey Not Opening On Browsers:

This is a common problem associated with most online panels. Sometimes you might find it hard trying to open a survey in an out-dated browser. To get effective results with surveys, it is highly recommended that you use the most up-to-date version of your Internet browser, not just for ACOP’s website but for other survey sites you are part of. You can always visit the owner of your browsers’ websites for free update.

4. Surveys Not Available On The Dashboard

If you are still contemplating whether or not to join this website, I believe this may sound weird to you. Unlike other survey websites where you can access the available surveys from your dashboard, here at American consumer opinion panel survey links are sent directly to your email which will take you to another website where you can complete the surveys.



As I said earlier, there isn’t much honest reviews about websites these days. Instead of joining a website because of what some reviewers (who may turn out to be promoters of that website) have written, it is highly recommended you check out what the members of that survey sites are saying about it. This will help you to make a clear decision whether or not to join the website. One quick way you can figure this out is to visit Below are the recent reviews of some members of ACOP from around the world which I got from This will help you make a perfect decision as to join ACOP or not.

“Getting better but…” Rating: 3/5

December 07, 2016 by Tony from United States 

I love doing their surveys and they update your points fairly quickly. My only beef I have with them is they need to speed up their payout. Having to wait 3 months to get paid is ridiculous.


“I Didn’t Exist…” Rating: 1/5

December 06, 2016 by Ian from United Kingdom 

Completed several surveys, then when I went to check balance nothing was there. Not about to ring Germany…
Not worth chasing as most get screened out.
Format is long winded and no comparison to ‘To Luna’!


“Not so great” Rating: 2/5

December 05, 2016 by Jeff from United States 

They were OK years ago. Even though I only got 1-2 surveys a week and maybe qualified for one about every 2 months , at least all was in house. Now , it seems that they have partnered with other survey sites and instead of getting screeners from ACOP like you used to, now I am seeing multiple survey invites a day. Sounds good , right? WRONG!! Almost all are from non-ACOP sites and are bunches of varied questions that do not seem to be anything more that profile ones. The question topics jump around and do not seem focused on any specific area. Very few are ever qualified for. They all seem to be screener types. The points earned are very low and getting to cash out stage takes forever. Cashing out will really try one’s patience as once you cash out , it can take over 2 months to get the check!!


“Gone down hill” Rating: 3/5

December 02, 2016 by Kevin from United States 

I am re-reviewing ACOP because since my first review things have changed. It’s still a legitimate panel and they do send surveys but not many and then I rarely qualify even though the surveys fit my demographics. I have also grown tired of waiting 2 to 3 months to get paid and then I only get paid after sending 2 to 3 emails requesting my payment be processed.




  • Since the introduction of the internet, American consumer panel has opened not just to the United state but to the other parts of the world. This is to say that ACOP is among those survey sites that accepts members worldwide.
  • Surveys on ACOP are open to members from 14 and above depending on the available surveys. No discrimination. All are welcome to register as members.
  • Members’ information are kept secret with high regard for their privacy. They don’t send unsolicited emails to members or sell members’ information to third parties.
  • ACOP is one of the oldest survey website with outstanding reputation. They are recognized and accredited by BBB. They are also highly trusted by members.
  • Surveys on this panel are based on current trend. Here, there are lot more interesting topics on current economy, testing new products, foods, snacks and lot more fascinating topics.
  • They ensure members are paid timely and decently.
  • Surveys are strictly by invitation with very high cash rewards and other incentives depending on the time spent on the survey.



  • Surveys are not available on ACOP’s website rather links to other survey sites are sent to members.
  • Points earned here are not updated quickly. Sometimes survey Points can appear as Pending for as long as up to 6-8 weeks once they are posted to your member account.
  • Payment on American consumer opinion panel is very slow. Even when you request payment, you will NOT be paid, UNLESS you follow-up your payment by sending multiple e-mails to the company. Sometimes you may have to wait for 3 to 4 months before being paid. If that kind of time wasting appeals to you, by all means, register with ACOP. If it doesn’t, avoid ACOP like the plague.
  • There isn’t too much survey invitation here unlike before. And even when you are invited, it might be hard to qualify for the survey.



ACOP is one of the oldest and popular survey website on the planet. They are 100% legit and pay their members. However, there are a lot of complaints filed against them of which 95% of it is about their outrageous delay in payment. Recently, most payments are sent to members after 3 to 4 months of requesting payment with continuous follow-up emails. For this reason, I will advise you to keep off from this survey website but unless you are the patient type and willing to wait that long for your rewards, you can go ahead to register with them. Aside the delay in payment, ACOP is one of those nice survey websites where you can make a few bucks as a reward for participating in their surveys.

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